About Our Wool Products


Our range of merino wool products are made from 22 micron unspun pure natural Merino wool fiber.

The lower the number (micron) the finer and softer the wool is!! High numbers (over 25 as a guide) are less soft/ scratchier in nature and not suitable for delicate baby skin.

Unspun wool is fragile (spinning gives it strength) and these items cannot be cleaned in the usual manner.

You will receive care instructions with your purchase.


Fluffy Fillers are not processed after washing, dying and carding and as such the fibers come apart quite easily if you pull the wool.

These fillers can be worked into braids, knitted, felted or used as is in a basket.

Merino braids -the wool has been worked into a long braid to give it a different texture and strength. Great basket fillers!

Bump Blankets - the wool has been knitted into a super chunky layer/ mat – a lovely texture to place the bub on!

Cloud layers -The wool is worked to make the fibers mesh together a little more than the fluffy fillers. Easier to handle and shaped as a thick fluffy layer for baskets. The wool can be gently pulled to make it a little larger. Over time/ with repeated use the fibers will continue to mesh together, naturally felting the layer.

Wool Blankets These are a little more sturdy in nature, lightly felted on one side and nice and fluffy on the other. Won't pull apart easily. Perfect beanbag toppers or basket stuffers..

Curly Felts - Hand felted and hand dyed in a timely process...but these layers are not as fragile as the other wool fillers and layers. They can be hand washed with a little care.
Beautiful textured layer.

Whisper Felts

Thin plain felted layers to use as added texture. They have thicker and thinner parts and may even have small holes or web-thin areas for lovely delicate texture. A delicate but rustic look. Recent trend sees this type of felt used as a wrap in a flower shape. You can hand wash these felts, and they can be pulled into shape when wet (don't pull too much on thinner parts).
The texture of the felt may differ a little on back/ front - display your favourite side.

If you are unsure of which wool product suits your requirements feel free to contact us, there are so many ways to process the wool into different forms!!!