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Product Overview

Cheesecloth wrap

Such a versatile photo prop; use as a wrap, a sling, as layering, for maternity only by your imagination!

All wraps are 36"/ 92 cm wide except white which is ~85 cm wide.

110-120 cm length is perfect for swaddling your baby or using as a layering fabric.

160-180 cm is long enough to use as a sling / stork sack setup or for maternity shoots as well as wrapping your baby/ layering.

The wraps are measured when cut prior to dyeing and a small amount of shrinkage may occur (3-6%) during the dye process.

The fluffy/ crinkle texture is achieved by drying in a dryer (this will also make them appear slightly smaller, stretch for true size).

The wraps are made from high quality 50-60 grade cheesecloth. They won't fall apart easily like lower/cheaper grades.

Hand wash in cold water only.

Edges are raw and unfinished.
There may be some imperfection due to the nature of the fabric. Cheesecloth is a natural raw fabric with some variation in density of the weave. The hand dyeing process may also result in minor variations in the colour - this is not a fault, simply the nature (and the appeal) of the product.

There may be minor variations in colour between dye lots - closest match in colour to picture will be sent.

Colours will appear lighter in single ply as it is a semi sheer fabric.


Image credits with thanks: Roxy Lee Photography, Totally Smitten Photography, Red Poppy Studios


(No reviews yet) Write a Review