Chocolate Layers Posing Pack with Optional Box

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Product Overview

Chocolate Layers Posing Pack with Optional Box

Milk chocolate brown layers - a versatile unisex neutral with the option to add a cute little posing box.


What you get in this soft pack:

1 x Pure wool hand crafted layer

1 x Pure wool knitted bonnet (to match the layer)

1 x Soft fringed woven layer

1 x Stretch knit rayon wrap



1 x Vintage Style Painted Posing Box Prop - blue



Approximate dimensions 35 x 35 x 16 cm

Each box is unique as the shabby paint pattern may differ.


Intended as a photo prop - please use with strict supervision at all times and pad adequately for baby safety and comfort.

Never lift a prop with a baby in it.

Please exercise caution and responsibility at all times when using props.

Please review our safety guidelines.

Shipping is invoiced separately for options including hard props.


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