Factory Seconds Clearance Crates - Minor Flaws

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Product Overview

Factory Seconds Clearance Crates - Minor Flaws

The crates are made from recycled timber and each has it's own charm and individual appearance.

The crates in this listing have an uneven slat on the bottom - it is really within limits of what can be expected but we are selling them at a huge discount to clear the warehouse! They do not look different to "regular "stock.

Place a felt pad to even the base or a minor sanding job to even the base slats. Placing adequate weight in the base (of course) means no movement.

Seconds and clearance stock are sold as is .


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Crates will be sent at random.

Shipping cost will be invoiced separately



Intended as a photo prop - please use with strict supervision at all times and pad adequately for baby safety and comfort.

Never lift a prop with a baby in it.

Please exercise caution and responsibility at all times when using props.

Please review our safety guidelines.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review