Fancy Fleece - Dove

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Fancy Fleece - Dove

This layering wool is packed full of texture!

A perfect basket stuffer for newborn photography.

Every piece varies in length, width and thickness. There are thick and thin parts and you will need to layer it to achieve large area coverage.

Width varies from 5" to 10" depending on how folded over or spread out the fleece is.

You will receive a minimum of 2.5meters of fleece (most bundles are 3-4 meters). This is ample for stuffing a decent size basket.

There are some small pieces of dried vegetation (small dried pieces of grass) in the fleece - as with most natural wool products.

Images represent an average sample of a colour batch - no 2 pieces are exactly the same!

Be mindful of soils - as this is made from unspun delicate fibers cleaning can present a challenge. Full care instructions will be sent with your purchase.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review