Jute Layers Set With Crate

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Product Overview

Jute Layers Set With Crate

This layer set can be mixed and matched with so many other items to make a perfect set-up with beautiful textures and tones!

2 types of jute/ burlap layers for variation.

What you get in this layer set:

1 x rustic woven jute layer (~55x70 cm with medium crate, ~80x 100cm with large crate)

1 x tattered frayed natural burlap layer (~55 x 60cm medium crate, ~85 x 85 cm with large crate)

1 x jute tieback

1 x Weathered Timber Crate (choose size)


Shipping cost will be invoiced separately.


Each crate is unique.

Intended as a photo prop - please use with strict supervision at all times and pad adequately for baby safety and comfort.

Never lift a prop with a baby in it.

Please exercise caution and responsibility at all times when using props.

Please review our safety guidelines.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review