Merino Wool Fluffy Cloud Batt Layer - Lightest Grey Melange

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Merino Wool Fluffy Cloud Batt Layer - Light Grey Melange

Lovely natural pure 22 micron Merino wool fibre.

These delicate super fluffy cloud layers add wonderful texture to your images.

Light grey melange colour. This is a natural undyed wool and will therefore vary slightly in colour from batch to batch.

Approximate measurements are:

40 x 60 cm - and you can gently pull on the wool and stretch it a little larger.

Be mindful of soils - as this is made from unspun delicate fibres cleaning can present a challenge. Full care instructions will be sent with your purchase.
Thank you Sabrine Chahine Photography & Design for the adorable fluff-in-use image!
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(No reviews yet) Write a Review