Soft Fringed Woven Wrap/ Layer (19 colours)

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Product Overview

Soft Fringed Woven Wrap/ Layer (choose colour)

This lovely light soft fabric is so versatile! Similar to cheesecloth but softer and a little finer in the weave, with a fine soft fringe around the edges.

Use as a layer to create extra texture, as a wrap or sling for the baby, or even to wrap around a belly for a maternity shoot! The perfect photo prop that you will use again and again!

Generous size ~90 x 190 cm.

Hand wash in cold water.


Image credits with thanks: Danielle Nigido Photography , Tulip Flare Photography, Susanne Lilley Photography, Tory D Photography, Rivka Singer Photography, Tiny Feet Photography


(No reviews yet) Write a Review