Twiggy Timber Posing Bowl

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Product Overview

Twiggy Timber Posing Bowl

Amazing texture and just perfect for those head on hands poses!

Approximate inside diameter at the top is 24-25cm with some variation as no 2 bowls are the same.

This bowl has a wide flat base for stability.

Each bowl is handcrafted and each one is unique.


Suitable with good support for unsteady SMALL sitters (4-5 months). Will not fit a large sitter.


Intended as a photo prop - please use with strict supervision at all times and pad adequately for baby safety and comfort.

Never lift a prop with a baby in it.

Please exercise caution and responsibility at all times when using props.

Please review our safety guidelines.


Image credit with thanks: Connies Magic Moments. Sitter image: artist unknown - please contact us so we can credit you ♥


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review